Schedule An Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please click the orange Request Appointment icon below.


1. Select the type of service requested:

- Initial Visit for New Patients

- Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment (CMT) for Existing Patients

2. Select the location.

3. Choose your desired appointment date and time according to that week's available working days and hours.


4. Enter Your Information, scroll down and press the blue Continue and Review icon.

5. Click the blue Request Appointment icon.

6. For Existing Patients, please click the "go to our Client Portal" phrase in the pink "unable to request this appointment" box. Enter your email and password to log in. Select the blue "Request" icon and re-do steps 1 through 3.

If you need assistance in scheduling an appointment, please contact Dr. Larson by calling (805) 279-9656. Se habla Español.  If the doctor does not answer, please leave a message and your contact number. The doctor will then contact you directly. If you wish to leave the doctor an email message, you may email him at Thank you.